Enterprise Application Development

The involvement of information technology increasing, the requirement and need to develop Custom Enterprise based applications has also increased. Being one of the high priorities for enterprises which have a lot on stake when it comes to internet marketing strategies, Softechvalley’s Enterprise Application Development can definitely prove to be a huge advantage and benefit.

Here at Softechvalley we help in shaping and forming a business environment all together, with our enterprise based applications providing service which cater for service like payment processing, forms automation, IT service management, content management etc.

We at Softechvalley have realized the advantages of Enterprise Application Development and we can assure you that majority of our clients have found certain business functionalities like online shopping, card payment processing, billing systems, IT service management, manufacturing, and enterprise application integration and many others to be a much simpler task when put through a custom enterprise application.

Web application development

Being connected on a regular basis is something that every company and business look forward to. Looking at how mobile devices and connections have been increasing in terms of usage, the need for enterprise web applications are also becoming increasingly important for any businesses growth. With the help of a custom developed web application, enterprises have the ability to reach out to existing as well as potential clients. In this new age where everyone is well versed with technology and connectivity is of a high priority, Web applications are becoming increasingly important. It’s at such moment’s that every type of business or enterprises (small, medium or large) need a unique web based medium to reach and connect with people.

Softechvalley provides that platform and medium through custom applications for every type and kind of businesses and enterprises.

Software application development

At Softechvalley software application development is mainly focused at programming the language for the development of a software product. This in itself is a complex process which requires research, development, sampling/testing, advancements/changes, re-engineering and many other phases related to product maintenance. We are focused towards developing applications which meet the needs of a business environment or a customer in particular.

With the changes happening in the market in terms of technology our developers are constantly updated and are well versed with all the new techniques and methods. With the internet expanding and spreading even wider, the growth which has taken place is extensive in terms of transformation in the way software’s are developed for enterprises.

Mobile application development

Since the start of mobile phones in the industry application related to them have always been developed upon, may it be for smartphones or what not. The whole purpose behind mobile application development is to be able to reach out to people on a one to one approach. With Softechvalley we have taken it a step further wherein alongside creating applications to promote a company, in bound communication based applications can also be formed

Having spoken about what all we have to offer here at Softechvalley, here is a layout on the phases and steps that we follow to ensure our customers get the best that we have to offer every time around.

Analysis: The First step starts of by chalking down the goal and objective of the application. Here alternatives are also formed to see the best possible option which benefits our client the most. Requirements: Here the requirements and needs to follow out the process and begin the development phase are all put out in the open. This is mainly done to make sure every aspect, every detail is placed out to have a clear picture as to what all will be required to cover every detail.

Design:This is the phase in which the layouts, design, look and feel of the application is finalized upon. Here our developer work closely with our, ensuring that the application is exactly how they intend it to be.

Development: Once every other detail is sorted out our group of experts sit and begin the process of developing the application itself. With a huge group seeing that every aspect is nailed down to the point a product is then developed upon.

Testing: Here our testers go through every minute to minute detail cross checking every aspect in the application to find out certain bugs, or areas that can be worked upon.

Deployment: Here once the application has been approved after rigorous checks and updates the final product is then released to our customer.

Followed by so many steps our team of experts assure Quality at its best. With unending process of checking, structuring, placing and designing all set up and planned you be sure that the final output that we from Softechvalley deliver is Quality based for sure. Quality Assurance is something we are proud to be delivering on a consistent bases for all our customers.